Ben’s Bio

I believe I can create a more graphically appealing website for your real estate, bricks and mortar business or service industry with enhanced and larger photos for your properties with more statistics.

I have over 15 years Information Technology Experience including websites, databases and e-commerce.

Examples of my work include:

    1. Real Estate Broker Website
    2. Personal Blog
    3. Global Oil Market Outlook
    4. Hedge Fund Blog
    5. Coffee House Website
    6. Balladeer Drew Calvin with Ray Duffy
    7. DirtyWork.Space

Non-Profit Websites

  1. Vincenzo, the Philly Artist Dedicated To Pop Art & Culture
  2. A Tribute Store to Robin Williams and Kurt Cobain
  3. A Tribute to Alan Turing

My programming experience is extensive having graduated from Carnegie Mellon University Majoring in Information and Decision Systems with a Double Major in Industrial Management.   I have programmed in several computer languages including 5 years experience in the most popular web language, PHP, and its associative database, MySQL.  I also have business experience graduating from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland with an MBA and working as a Financial Consultant for 3 years.

With the spring and summer season rapidly approaching, I think your business would want to launch an online strategy to harness the power of the internet for your business.

I can be reached at (267)714-8455, by Emailing

All the Best,
Benjamin G. Abramson
Executive Director of

Benjamin G. Abramson’s LinkedIn Profile

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