Ben’s Bio

I believe I can create a more graphically appealing website for your real estate business with enhanced and larger photos for your properties with more statistics.

I have over 15 years Information Technology Experience including websites, databases and e-commerce.

Examples of my work include:

    1. Real Estate Website Demonstration
    2. Second Page of Demo Website
    3. Real Estate News Blog
    4. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Website
    5. Landscaping Business Website
    6. Global Oil Market Outlook
    7. The Short Blog

Non-Profit Websites

  1. Vincenzo, the Philly Artist Dedicated To Pop Art & Culture
  2. A Tribute Store to Robin Williams and Kurt Cobain
  3. A Tribute to Alan Turing

My programming experience is extensive having graduated from Carnegie Mellon University Majoring in Information and Decision Systems with a Double Major in Industrial Management.   I have programmed in several computer languages including 5 years experience in the most popular web language, PHP, and its associative database MySQL.  I also have business experience graduating from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland with an MBA and working as a Financial Consultant for 3 years.

With the spring and summer season rapidly approaching, I think your business would want to launch an online strategy to harness the power of the internet for your business.  For an added fee, I can build your presence on Facebook.

I am a sole proprietor so my prices are very competitive.

I can be reached at (267)714-8455, by Emailing or on Skype: benjamin.g.abramson

All the Best,
Benjamin G. Abramson
Executive Director of

Benjamin G. Abramson’s LinkedIn Profile

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