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Trump Wins By Losing a Court Fight

He bought a golf resort in 2012. Members sued him. They prevailed. And so did he. Joe Nocera says a years-long dispute (still not entirely resolved) reveals a lot about how the new president deals with debt.

What a Border Tax Would Really Mean

Fearful retailers are already campaigning against against Trump’s proposed 20 percent levy on imports, but Shelley Goldberg notes the tax would mean more than just pricey avocados. Think a big hit to the energy sector, dramatic swings in the value of global assets, and havoc in currency markets.

Gorsuch’s Test: The Legal Issues That Divide the Right

Yes, he’s Antonin Scalia’s heir, but what kind of conservative is Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch? Ramesh Ponnuru examines his views on three thorny issues, which he says could shape a new generation of thinkers.

Calling Artificial Intelligence’s Bluff

Machines can now beat pros at poker, but flesh-and-blood players shouldn’t fold ’em just yet. Amid a landmark AI development, Leonid Bershidsky sees hope that humans can make themselves obsolescence-proof.

When Hardly Anybody Works at Corporate HQ

Separating top execs from worker bees is the new normal, but only in some industries. Do tech titans just like being closer to their employees than, say, manufacturing execs do? Justin Fox investigates.

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